Bathroom You’ve Dreamed Of

5 Projects To Create The Bathroom You’ve Always Dreamed Of


Work, social obligations, and the kids – your life is go, go, go. Sometimes it’s impossible to find even the slightest moment for yourself, until you head home to your bathroom oasis and find a calmness to melt your stress away.

But what if you don’t feel this relaxation when you enter your bathroom? Then, clearly, it’s time for some changes. To turn your bathroom from run-of-the-mill to the luxurious spa you deserve, recreate your space with any or all of these five projects and you’ll find the relaxing, soothing environment you’ve always dreamed about.

* Turn up the heat. Whether you’re just stepping out of the tub in the evening or the bed in the morning, the last thing you want to do is walk on a cold floor. It shocks the system and can eliminate any relaxing feelings you were previously enjoying. Spas understand this, which is why they’ve installed heated floors to keep your comfortable from head to toe. So why wouldn’t you do the same in your bathroom? Replace your flooring with heated floors and, for an added perk, install heated towel racks as well.

* Find the space you deserve. You can’t feel comfortable when you’re cramped. Many causes of bathroom claustrophobia – hair care products, towels, shaving/brush apparatus – can be easily handled with improved mirrored cabinet options. Robern’s innovative AiO mirrored cabinets sport a clean, contemporary design that includes smartly designed storage space with added features like touch-dimmable task lighting, integrated electrical and USB outlets and magnetic storage for all those metal groom tools clogging up your counters. Adding a bathroom vanity with functional storage helps to get the larger items off the counter and out of sight. Robern cabinets are available in a variety of decorative glass and overlay colors to fit any theme. You can also personalize the vanity with movable drawer dividers and bins, in-drawer electric outlets, or a hair dryer organizer.

* Let there be natural light. Create a more natural feel in your bathroom by adding natural light to your space
with a skylight. After a long hard day, imagine how calm you’ll feel with a skylight placed over your bathtub, allowing you to watch the clouds float by overhead while you soak.

* Upgrade your tub or shower. If you truly want to recreate the spa experience in your bathroom, then upgrades to your tub or shower are a must. Larger tubs or contoured tubs create that spa feel and encourage long soaking sessions. If you’re after that whirlpool feel, look for a tub with jets that are adjustable. To make your shower more luxurious, look for options that allows your shower to double as a steam room or sauna.

* Add a splash of color. If scented candles are already part of your bathroom routine, you understand the power of aromatherapy – but do you know about chromatherapy? This holistic form of healing uses colors to drive the desired response and you can support this effort in your bathroom by painting your walls in a shade that appeals to and relaxes you. But don’t stop there – add splashes of complimentary colors around the space from bath towels and soap dishes to the robe you’ll wear when you’re finally ready to leave your newfound paradise.

After a busy day, it’s nice to know there’s a relaxing retreat you can call your own and it’s just waiting for you. But your new bathroom won’t create itself. Get started on your bathroom renovation today and your bathroom oasis will be ready before you know it. To learn more about Robern’s AiO cabinets, visit

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