Home Inspection Checklist for Sellers

Everyone selling a home will need to go through the process of home inspection at some point. The home inspection process consists of a professional inspector making a visit to the home and performing a visual examination. The home inspector will look for any defects in accessible home systems and assess their performance. Following the visual examination the home inspector will create a report documenting his or her findings. The home inspection is seen by many as simply another step in the home selling process. However, getting a proper home inspection done early and by a skilled home inspector can make a world of difference to a seller’s success on the market. In addition, there is a checklist of things a seller should be aware of before they put their home on the market.

An important part of the home inspection is timing. If a homeowner gets a home inspection early, they can identify the problems early on and fix them before the buyer notices them. This will increase chances that the house will be sold quickly. If the house remains on the market too long the price is more likely to decrease. In addition, inspecting the home early and fixing any issues decreases the chances of renegotiation. If buyers detect problems they are likely to offer lower prices. By being prepared and having all issues addressed, a home owner is more likely to make the profit they expect.

Another important factor when getting a home inspection is who you get to do the inspection. It is important not to always trust referrals from real estate agents. Some referred home inspectors may in fact miss more issues so that the house sells quicker. Hiding problems can result in lots of renegotiations with buyers and leaving the house on the market for too long. It is advisable to hire a reputable home inspector who will perform a thorough inspection so that any problems can be dealt with prior to the house entering the market. Another advantage of performing a thorough home inspection is that you can present the results to potential buyers. Reports can be made for interested buyers showing how much work was put into the home inspection. This will help buyers realize the value of a home increasing the chances sellers will get their asking price.

Although a reputable home inspector will be sure to point out any defects in the house, the seller should still be aware of any problems themselves. There are a number of things that should be checked by the seller when it comes to drainage, structure, windows, doors, exterior, the roof, interior, the basement, and mechanical room. They are as follows:

Drainage and Lawn Care: No standing waterNo septic tank leaksProper grading drainageDrainage directed properlyLandscaping, lawn, gardens, and trees are well kept

Structure:Outdoor structures in good conditionRailings are secure and in good conditionSides of house are not bowed or saggingWindows and doorframes are squareFoundation is structurally sound

Exterior:Exterior finish is in good condition (no cracking, flaking, or decay)No vines on the exterior finish No flaking of paintNo stains on exterior finishWindows and DoorsNo cracks in trim or missing trimFrames are caulked properlyNo broken windows or doorsDrip caps installed properly

Roof:No moulding, curling, or cracking of shingles. No missing shinglesNo excess caulkingGutters are no rusted or decayChimneys are clean and structurally sound

Interior:Floors, walls, and ceilings are straight and levelFlooring is in good conditionNo cracks in walls, floors, or ceilingsDoors are not broken and lock properlyNo flaking of paintTrim is not missing and in good conditionElectrical outlets function properlyHeating and/or air conditioning works well in each roomHome is well insulatedBasement and Mechanical RoomNo moistureNo cracks in the foundationNo damage or decay in the exposed wood framingProper insulation

Overall, by selecting the proper home inspector, following this checklist, and doing it at the right time, a home owner can maximize the profits on the sale of their house.
It is recommended that sellers not only consult this checklist, but also other experienced sellers and multiple home inspectors. Sellers should talk with several home inspectors and gauge their knowledge and thoroughness in the process. A home inspector that does a quick and cheap job may not be the best choice. Sellers should choose a quality home inspector and fix problems early in the selling process. It is a good idea to consult this checklist if you feel the home inspector may be missing something. Buyers are looking for homes without issues and if sellers can show that they have properly prepared their home for selling than it is more likely the house will sell quickly at a higher price.

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