Improve Home’s Energy Efficiency

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency This Fall Season Using Smart Winterizing Tips

Chilly climate and shorter days and nights can only mean one thing – winter season are on its way. The month of January as well as Feb are usually considered the coldest months in the Northwest, Northeast and Midwest sections of U.S.A. It can be difficult for homeowners to stay comfortable inside without running up monthly heating bills. Building professional’s state fall is the perfect time to consider winterizing your home for a more energy efficient and comfortable winter.

  • Search for basic, low-priced fixes.

There are several uncomplicated, low-priced measures that homeowners can do to guarantee their homes stays energy efficient, warm and comfortable. For less than $100, weather-stripping for home windows, a door sweep strip as well as some caulking may help fill any air leaks in order to limit energy loss. Substituting the furnace’s air filter every three months may also help create a more at ease atmosphere considering a clogged filter can reduce the unit’s overall efficiency and lifespan.

  • Set up the temperature.

Investing in a programmable thermostat lets homeowners to look at the indoor temperature of their home remotely by using smartphone or online. Retaining the temperature low when nobody is home and programming the thermostat to raise the temperature at the time everyone arrives home, annual heating bills can be reduced around 5-15 %, as stated by the U.S Department of Energy. The same process can be applied in summer to help save on cooling expenses.

  • Prevent ice damming.

In the instance that ice damming on the roof is a yearly problem, give thought to get actions to completely stop dams from developing. Major damage may lead from ice damming, so it is never too early to start by thinking about a long-term resolution. Ice damming takes place when warm, indoor air leaving through the roof melts snow on the shingles. The water then refreezes as it runs off the roof, producing a barrier of ice at the edge. Shoveling snow or chipping ice away can threaten life, limb and also roof; therefore it is best to think about more long term resolutions.

  • Keep warm air inside.

While weather-stripping and also caulking can assist deal with air seepage, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Saver website says that proper air sealing insulation and attic venting are the best procedures to halt ice damming from developing. Spray foam insulation is a contemporary answer that both insulates and also seals to assist stop ice damming. Mounted by accredited professionals, spray foam insulation, like that available from Icynene, works well in every climates and fills in gaps and cracks to aid stop air leakage as well as ice dams formation.

For being a long-term remedy, spray foam insulation assists in maintaining a comfortable temperature all year round while helping to manage monthly heating and cooling rates. Thanks to spray foam insulation’s air-sealing qualities, homeowners can reduce the size of their heating and cooling equipment since a smaller amount of effort is necessary to heat or cool the home.

While air leakage can play a role in higher-than-average heating and cooling expenses, a well-insulated home and affordable winterizing may help you get through the cold winter months. Homeowners can learn the five basic steps of selecting the correct insulation for their home on


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