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A home inspection checklist is what prospective home owners or renters look at in a home to anticipate possible maintenance issues and/or whether a home is going to be safe to live in or not. Home inspections may be done by the prospective buyer or renter, a professional inspector, or both. Check out the Palmer home inspection service checklist. Because things can potentially be wrong with both old and new homes, the more eyes that get the chance to fully inspect a home, the better.

Doing an Inspection Yourself

If you don’t consider yourself especially handy, you may not feel confident performing your own home inspection, but with a little guidance you can at least get a general idea of how things should look in order to assure that you and your family will be safe and experience minimal maintenance issues if you decide to move into a home.

Getting Ready to Start

Before you start your inspection, it is a good idea to wear gloves, and have handy a flashlight and both a flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers. You will be inspecting the attic, the basement, the exterior of the home, as well as any living spaces in the home. You should also bring your checklist of the different things you should look for that may signal the potential of problems in the future.

The Exterior of the Home

Before you even enter a home, there are things to look for on the exterior in order to determine whether the home you are looking at is something you would want to live or invest in. These include;

  • Assessing the condition of the roof,
    • The ability of the drainage system to keep water from away from collecting extra water in specific areas of the yard,
    • Any loose boards, dangling wires, or asbestos

If any of these things are an issue, it may be a sign of trouble before you get in the door.

Checking Out the Basement

Some common basement issues include-
• General dampness,
• Insulation problems,
• Rotten joists,
• Signs of termites or other infestations,
• Foundation cracks,
• Exposed wire,
• Noisy water heater

Up in the Attic

An attic can have tell-tale signs whether a home will be safe and not require excessive maintenance. Here you can check for leaks in the roof from the inside. Water spots on the ceiling, warped, rotted, or moldy wood, or anything that seem secure and fully insulated may indicate a problem.

General Living Area

Anywhere where you and your family would potentially interact with one another is included in the general living area as long as it is on the main or upper floors. In addition to living and family rooms, it also includes bathrooms, the kitchen(s), bedrooms, and offices.

Here you’ll want to make sure ceilings don’t show signs of leaks, such as dark spots, make sure electrical switches work, as well as the faucets and toilet. Check the age of the HVAC system and verify that it is an efficient unit that fits with the home. If it makes an excessive amount of noise, that’s a sign it may need to be repaired or replaced. If appliances are to be included, look to see that these are in good working order as well, and make a note of anything that may need replacing.

DIY, Professional, or Both

If you are looking to buy or rent a home, it is important to have a home inspection checklist in mind when viewing any property. Even if you are not skilled, you can make a note of anything that doesn’t look right in order to give to a professional inspector, if you decide to pursue the property. Unless you are very savvy in home improvement and construction, the decision to buy or enter into a rental contract should not be taken lightly. In some cases, the DIY inspection will reveal enough mishaps to get you to cross it of your list of potentials. If you catch things you believe are worth repairing, or don’t feel you see any problems at all, it’s probably time for a professional home inspector to step in and do a professional inspection so you can decide whether to negotiate and get things fixed or keep looking for something else.

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