Paying Less for AC this Hot Weather

Keep Your Cool By Paying Less for AC this Hot Weather

If high heating bills left you cold and bitter this cold months, then the time has come give some thought to how high your monthly cooling charges could be this hot months. Air conditioning accounts for an estimate of 19 % of all the household energy consumption and releases more or less 2 tons of co2 annually. This affects your household finances and also has an important effect on the surroundings.

Based on the U.S. Department of Energy, two-thirds of American homes have the air conditioning that results in higher than $11 billion in consumption every year. Air seepage from a residence’s walls, ceilings, windows and also floors may account for about forty percent of a household’s energy loss.

Air leaks, along with bad cooling and heating performance, are probably the primary factors behind electricity ineffectiveness in every house. Air leakage causes your ac to work overtime just by cooling the warm air that enters your house through air leaks. This increases the amount of electrical energy you are using as well as the price of your power bill at the end of the month.

The best thing is that now is the ideal time for you to transform your household into a model of energy efficiency. There are lots of means that homeowners can manage these types of issues. Caulking and weather-stripping around doors and windows are swift, low cost solutions. Furthermore, investing in high performance remedies can address these kinds of issues efficiently and increase substantial value into your house. Low-emissivity, double-glazed windows, originally designed for severe climates, are a famous and effective means to conserve electric power and reduce air leaks.

Another helpful resolution that offers instant as well as long-term cost reductions is switching a home’s traditional fibrous insulation with high-performance spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation, such as Icynene, is a wise investment for home owners who would like to make energy efficient improvements to their home. Spray foam insulation enables property owners in a different climate to lessen their consumption of air-con during the summer and heating during the winter season. This modern insulation material aids efficiently control a household’s indoor surroundings enabling you and your family to keep cool all summer long. It can also help reduce the entry of pollens and things that trigger allergies to your home, causing it to be best for allergy sufferers.

Spray foam insulation expands quickly to completely seal a home’s walls, floors as well as ceilings in order to avoid air leakage. Specialists from Icynene note that setting up spray foam insulation can visibly lessen monthly heating and air conditioning expenses, in some cases by nearly 50 %. More info about how spray foam insulation will help property owners lessen air leaking and reduce energy costs is available online at

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