Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging is a particular type of technology that will use wavelengths related to heat in order to create a picture based upon heat sources, rather than light sources. A thermal imaging camera will utilize heat sources to create specific images within a given area and thus would not require the contingent of ambient light.

So what exactly are the main uses of these types of cameras?

One of the uses that everyone will know about will be night vision. Nightvision is most likely to be considered in the context of a military operation. When a particular operation needs to be conducted without the contingent of a light source, then a thermal imaging camera will be able to develop images to help guide the trooper when navigating without light.

Many companies will also make use of this type of technology in order to ensure that their operations are running smoothly. If it is believed that a particular structure or machine is not performing properly then this can easily be determined by using thermal imaging in order to pinpoint the heat source within the area. If this is excessive then it is usually an indication that repair, maintenance, or replacement is required.

The use of thermal imaging has allowed home inspectors to make the most of their views into the inner electrical workings of a home.

Peering behind walls by setting up a Flir thermal imaging camera inspectors are able to find hot spots that indicate a potential fire danger from an overloaded electrical circuit. While not every house will have the potential hazard waiting behind the drywall there are occasions when a home inspection proves that the wiring needs to be replaced before the sale of the house can be finalized. With a complete inspection of the premises, a buyer is able to know what if any issues need to be addressed and how to go about making the necessary repairs.

Because the seller of the property is accountable for the condition of their home a hot spot that needs attention is the responsibility of the seller to fix not the buyer. In addition to looking at the circuit breaker box and examining each outlet in the house, the inspector is also required to check out the plumbing and HVAC systems to ensure that the furnace and air conditioner are both operating as they should be. Again with the furnace blowing heated air throughout the house, the use of a thermal imaging camera is able to see if any leaks exist in the ductwork and can make recommendations for the buyer to have the seller repair any damage that may exist.

Home inspections are being conducted more thoroughly as buyers are finding the condition of foreclosure homes a great value that may need a little refinishing work done on them. When purchasing a foreclosed property the bank that is selling the house does not require an inspection, in order to process and fund the mortgage, but for the peace of mind of the buyer, an inspection is a good idea.

By bringing in a thermal imaging camera to review the condition of the walls and more specifically the electrical work that is hidden behind the drywall and plaster, a homebuyer is able to take their inspection to the bargaining table if any discrepancies are found.

The buyer can use the information gathered by the camera at the time of the inspection to either negotiate the cost of repairs of the sales price of the house; have the seller make all of the needed repairs before continuing with their purchase; or walk away from the sale depending on the work that needs to be completed. By including the thermal images in the inspection of a house the professional inspector is able to deliver a comprehensive report about the condition of every major construction component.


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