10 Tips to Make Your Home Secure for Little Ones

10 Easy Home Security Tips that May Secure for Little Ones

Home is where the heart is, and for many of us, it is where they feel most safe. However for the children, the home isn’t as secure as you might presume. Indeed, you may be shocked to find out that 3.5 million little ones go to the E.R. year after year for accidents that occur within homes.

A number of parents are inadvertently putting their young children in danger by making common mistakes in the home. To illustrate, parents say they are nervous concerning fire safety and 96 percent record they have a smoke alert, yet still 14 % never assess their smoke alarm system battery, based on “Report to the Nation: Protecting Children in Your Home,” from Safe Kids Worldwide and Nationwide.

“Parents just can’t imagine a misfortune might arise to them, however it happens far too often,” says Kate Carr, president and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide. “Sadly, 2,200 young children pass away from an accident at home yearly. The great news is that we know how to avert these accidents, and parents may take simple measures to secure their children.”

Safe Kids Worldwide teamed up together with Nationwide and its Make Safe Happen program to help households maintain small children harmless in the home. “We know parents desire to provide protection to their kids,” said Terrance Williams, Nationwide’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “It’s our hope that with bringing these details to households and care providers, we will assist them to give protection to what matters most.”

Listed here are 10 advices to make your home kid-safe so you avoid preventable injuries. For additional information, visit SafeKids.org or MakeSafeHappen.com.

  1. Make certain that there is an operating smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alert on every level of your home, primarily around sleeping places. Check the batteries every month.
  2. Make and workout a home fire-escape strategy together with your household. Learn two tactics out of every room in the instance of a fire.
  3. Provide young ones your 100 % and complete attention when they are in and around water. Merely 1 percent of parents list drowning as a concern, based on the Safe Kids report, however each week a youngster dies from drowning in a bathtub.
  4. For youngsters, use safety gates at the top and also bottom part of the steps, fixing them to the wall if possible.
  5. Always maintain cribs clear of toys and soft bedding, and be sure that babies sleep alone, on their backs, and in a baby’s crib every time they sleep. For youngsters below the age of 1, suffocation is considered the main cause of injury-related death.
  6. Remember to keep all medicine up and away, out of kid’s reach and sight. Consider areas where children get into medicine, just like purses and handbags, on counter tops as well as on nightstands.
  7. Keep (blank) household cleaners, liquid laundry packets along with other poisonous products out of children’s reach and sight. Use cabinet locks in order to avoid young children from getting into products that may cause them injury.
  8. Save the Poison Help line number to your phone and post it in your home where anybody can find it easily in an emergency: 1-800-222-1222.
  9. Secure flat-panel TVs by mounting them to the wall and place box-style TVs on a low, sturdy furniture piece.
  10. Properly install window guards or halts to aid prevent falls from windows. Each and every year, 3,300 children are injured through falling out of a window, but still 70 % of parents say they have never used window guards or halts that prevent these types of falls.

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