Welcome Autumn Season


Welcome Autumn Season Having Simple And Trendy Decor Tips That Are Child Friendly


As families prepare and adjust to children returning to school, play dates, autumn parties and more, it can be a sprint going from one activity to the next. With all of that goes on, you should still keep safety top of mind.

By having all of the educational parenting material available today, most safety-savvy parents know the ins and outs of keeping young children away from electric powered outlets, kitchen cabinets, and heavy furniture. Yet, there are other potential child safety hazards inside the house that sometimes can be overlooked including windows coverings.

Corded window coverings can cause a strangulation risk to newborns and young children. Not all of the window treatments are right for houses where kids may be present, and families may need to replace existing coverings. The good thing is, there is now a simple way for moms and dads and also caregivers to tell which products are appropriate for their houses.

“Parents with young children should change their corded window coverings with the cordless products available,” says Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) Executive Director, Peter Rush. “The new Best for Kids certification label recently launched allows mother and father and caregivers to easily determine which products are perfect for their home.”

The Best for Kids certification program is created in order to help customers and retailers easily determine window covering products that are suitable for use in homes with young children. To become qualified for this certification, producers have to meet the specified program criteria and submit their window covering products to a chosen third party testing lab. At the time products pass testing they may be labeled Best for Kids.

There are lots of cordless products available in different styles, color and sizes to match the unique design of any room. Warm tones just like deep reds, greens and blues, are perfect for fall and can immediately make any room come alive. Replacing out your summer drapes for heavier ones that are warm and cozy for wintertime and are Best for Kids not only helps keep in the heat, but guarantees your children’s safety. Adding vibrant floor-to-ceiling curtains or the addition of sheers can really add a dramatic element pop, almost as if you just added a new coat of paint to the room.

For additional info on window cord safety and the Best for Kids program, check out windowcoverings.org or follow WCSC on Facebook and Twitter.


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